The Artist

Canadian artist Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet was born and raised in the small farming community of St. Denis, Saskatchewan. She has lived in each of Canada’s western provinces and now calls Ontario home. Jeanne d’Arc has settled in the Georgian Bay area where she creates the beautiful and passionate art that is her trademark.

Over the years, she experimented and developed her own style; Jeanne d’Arc has worked with acrylics, watercolours and other media. Her preference is oil. She explains; “Oil has a smooth flowing ability. I enjoy the pure pigmentation, which allows my paintings to come alive with truer colours, hues and depth. I often get asked how I get the softness reflected within my paintings. For me it is applying your brushstrokes as if you were applying a butterfly kiss; gently, barely touching.”

Jeanne d’Arc’s paintings have received awards and hang in various private collections in Canada, US and Europe.